Abney's Far Cries & Close Calls

John Calvin Abney Finds His Voice + a new video by Sterlin Harjo

interview by Justin Fortney | photos by Lindie Northup

All across the Oklahoma music scene, John Calvin Abney puts in work. In between tours around the country, he wears a familiar path between venues all over the state. He is musical energy; maybe he’s the Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma bands. The guy just doesn’t seem to get tired. 

A couple years ago, as I walked from stage to stage at Norman Music Festival, I had to shake my head at how many sets I saw Abney play. If he wasn’t on every stage I watched, he was pushing his gear down the sidewalk toward it.

He just released a new video by Sterlin Harjo. As an instrumentalist, he’s helped shape the sound of many of the most gifted current singer-songwriters in Oklahoma. But with his newest album, Far Cries and Close Calls, Abney’s making a mark with his own songwriting. It’s an album that feels natural and the good kind of familiar; not a throwback sound, but a reminder that new music can hit our ears in ways that we might have forgotten.

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