Ruth Loveland Exhibit

thru 3/31

SixTwelve Gallery, Tower Theatre

SixTwelve is honored to have been invited to create and curate a SixTwelve Gallery at the Tower Theatre Lobby! Beginning in March, they will curate the art you'll see on the lobby walls when you enter the Theatre. Their very first artist is one they admire greatly for her artistic skills and her love of mycology, plants, the natural world and community, Ruth Loveland.

Ruth is an Oklahoma artist who has created incredibly detailed works, based on "the slow accumulation of small discoveries." SixTwelve believes that you will love her work as much as they do and see the connections between Ruth's vision and SixTwelve's. It is a perfect collaboration!

Join SixTwelve on March 7th, 6-8pm, at the Tower Theatre lobby for the inaugural exhibit of this collaboration. Admission is FREE and there is no need to pre-register. 

About the SixTwelve Gallery at Tower Theatre: 

"One of SixTwelve's main goals is to encourage creativity through multiple avenues. We strive to provide opportunities for artists, writers, musicians, dancers, film makers, and very soon, chefs! A challenge that we have encountered at our physical location is making space available to showcase the work of the very people we are trying to support. Due to the nature of our children's programming, we are unable to provide gallery space to our residents and instructors during regular business hours, so the Tower has graciously allowed us to use their lobby space at no cost to SixTwelve. Therefore, SixTwelve will only take a 10% commission from artists who we invite to show in the SixTwelve Gallery. This will cover the time spent on planning, hanging and executing a show, including communicating with potential collectors and facilitating sales. 

SixTwelve will offer this space to our residents and participation is by invitation only at this time. We will open up our residencies to an application process later in 2018."